Guy                                                    Coombes

Guy Coombes is a photographer and creative from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

With a strong eye for style, Guy’s editorial and commercial portfolios possess an elegance and contemporary sophistication, ensuring their longevity in a fast-moving industry that is highly valued by his many longstanding clients.

With a background in graphic design, his design sensibilities translate unequivocally to his image-making. Forging his early career in editorial and fashion, every turn of the magazine page was a chance to tell a story and an environment where his love of design and photography met.

As comfortable in a studio as he is on a muddy football field in the depths of winter, Guy’s kind and collaborative spirit enables him to connect with people from many walks of life, creating an environment where subjects feel empowered to be themselves.

Guy is a versatile and well-traveled photographer whose commissions include shooting in Australia, China, Singapore, Europe, and the United States.



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MAC Cosmetics, WESTFIELD, BLUNT UMBRELLAS, Tronque, Bendon, Kiwibank, Dadelszen, Faradays, Jaguar, Mercedes, Crane Brothers, Rodney Wayne, Commercial Bay, Samsung.


Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Elle UK, Vogue Australia, Style magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Fashion Quarterly, Ensemble, Australian Womens Weekly, The New Zealand Herald, Viva magazine, Remix magazine.