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Guy Coombes is a New Zealand photographer who’s work transcends a broad range of genres across the photographic world. With a strong eye for style he is most known for his fashion and campaign work.

With over ten years immersed in the world of photographic production in New Zealand and abroad, Guy has been commissioned to shoot in Australia, China, Singapore, Europe & The United States where his work has featured in Vanity Fair UK, The Observer, W Magazine and advertising campaigns for M.A.C Cosmetics, Les Mills, Mercedes & Westfield.

Guy’s images posses an elegance and contemporary sophistication ensuring their longevity in a fast moving industry that is highly valued by his many longstanding clients.

Guy brings a wealth of production knowledge to all his shoots. Having managed Big Sky Studios, one of London’s largest creative hubs, and worked in production alongside globally leading producers and photographers including David Sims, Mert & Marcus, Tim Walker, & Craig McDean, for productions including Chanel, Burberry, Saint Laurent, Vogue Paris and Gucci.

Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, Guy is available for shoots and commisions. Please get in touch!



MAC Cosmetics, Tronque, Bendon, Griffens, BNZ, Kiwibank, Dadelszen, Faradays, Jaguar, Westfield, Mercedes, Huffer, Colenso BBDO, Crane Brothers, Les Mills, Rodney Wayne, Vivo Salons, Colleen, Juliette Hogan, Commercial Bay, Elle + Riley, Jane Daniels, Moochi, Farmers, Samsung.


Vanity Fair UK, W Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle UK, Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar Australia, Style magazine, Manuscript, The Observer, The Hollywood Reporter, Fashion Quarterly, Beauty Citizen, Ensemble, Australian Womens Weekly, The New Zealand Herald, Viva magazine, Manuscript magazine, Remix magazine.



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